How is a soccer training camp in Spain?

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Do you want to improve your soccer skills? Do you want to become a better soccer player? Don’t look any further: join a training camp in Spain!

Ava and Hope’s training camp in Spain.

On July 19th, we had the pleasure to welcome Ava & Hope, our very first Rush players and undoubtedly the first of many! Let’s retrace their journey at Spain RUSH-SPF and know their feelings about it.

At Spain Rush-SPF, we attach great importance to the development of women’s soccer. It becomes more and more popular and improves very fast, especially in the USA. Ava and Hope proved it to us on the field!

This program allowed Ava and Hope to discover Spain and its culture, but above all else, learning more about the game of soccer while training with a high-performance structure.

During their stay in Spain, the girls had the opportunity to play for different teams: Spain Rush-SPF obviously but also with UD Aldaia CF and Deportivo La Coruña. It allowed them to play at different levels, to face a multitude of opponents, both girls and boys and to learn from different coaches.

First of all, we will introduce these two talented players.

Ruben, Ava, Hope and David at the beginning of the training camp in Spain

Ava Priest

Ava during her training camp in Spain

She is born in 2006. She started playing football when she was 4 years old. She’s from Boulder, Colorado and currently plays for Rush 2006 Girls Academy.

She can play as an attacking right-back or defending mid.

Her main qualities are: High soccer IQ; Coachable; Speed; Flip Throw-In, Plays Forward when needed.

Take a look below at Ava’s many skills, including her incredible throw-ins!

Ava’s skills

Hope Thao

Hope during her training camp in Spain

Hope is also born in 2006. She started playing football when she was 8 years old. She’s from Colorado and she currently plays for Rush 2006 Girls Academy.

She can play as a winger, central midfield or striker.

Her main qualities are Finishing; Distribution; Corner Kicks; Penalties; Vision; Tackling; Possession.

Find Hope on Instagram and watch the power of her shot!

Now let Ava tell us about his training camp in Spain !

“Memorable, developmental and life changing. I’ll never forget this !”

  • Tell me about your experience at Spain RUSH-SPF?

Ava: My experience at SPF was really amazing, on and off the pitch. On the pitch, the soccer was really good and off the pitch, everyone was super friendly and it really helped to guy me do this trip to Spain. 

  • What did you learn during your stay?

Ava: During my stay, I learned a lot of new things, like a new style of play. It’s very different from what I was used to and it really taught me a new way to play the game. Also, I learned a lot about the Spanish culture, the food, the people, the language which was really eye-opening for me. 

  • Do you think that Spain is a good country to progress in soccer? If yes, why?

Ava: I do think that Spain is a good country to progress in soccer because they’re so passionate about the game, everywhere you go you can see that passion. I think a lot of countries don’t have the same passion, as just the US

  • If you had to summarize your stay in 3 words?

Ava: If I had to summarize my stay in 3 words, it would be memorable/developmental and life-changing. Overall I’m just so grateful that I had this opportunity and Thank you! I’ll never forget this. 

We hope you enjoyed your stay with us and we can’t wait to renew this experience!

See you soon girls!

So, will you be tempted by a training camp in Spain?